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DJO in the News: a sample of coverage, 2011 to present

Tuesday 2nd (online); Wednesday 3rd (print) August 2011

Guardian Letters pages

JD ‘Join us to bring alive the vintage journalism of Charles Dickens’. 360 words.

Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2011/aug/02/vintage-journalism-of-charles-dickens?INTCMP=SRCH


7 col. inches


Thursday 4th August 2011

Guardian Culture Books Online article

Calling all Dickens detectives. 600 words.

John Drew


 Online only

6 comments; 103 Fbook shares; 95 Tweets

Friday 5th August 2011

Guardian Online books

Good news! Dickens detectives flooding in. 450 words.


F21 / Tw 14 

Saturday 6th August 2011

BBC Radio 4 iPM JD discussion about the project with Eddie Mair morning & evening shows. 10 minutes.




Sunday 7th August 2011

Observer 1 page feature. 1160 words +illustrations. 1page.

Charles Dickens bicentenary: Call for online editors to save forgotten journal

Tracy McVeigh

7/8 page


 Comments: 50; Fb 861; Tw 111


Monday 8th August 2011

1. ABC Melbourne Breakfast Show with Red Symons

Breakfast Show – interview about DJO. 3 mins.


2. ABC Canberra Breakfast with Ross Solly

Breakfast Show—interview about DJO. 2 mins.


3. Radio Ulster -- Arts Extra with Kim Lenaghan (no podcast) – interview about DJO. 4 mins.


4. Independent i

Victoria Summersley: Editor’s Letter

2 col. inches




Tuesday 9th August 2011

1. BBC Radio Kent

Drive Time with Dominic King. Interview about DJO, 3 mins.



2. El Pais (Spain) feature on DJO by Antonio Fraguas, Arts' staff writer.

560 words.

1 page




10th August 2011.

Article in Books/culture section of NRC, the Netherlands daily evening paper (circulation 200,000). 285 words.


Tuesday 23rd August 2011

BBC Radio 4 -- Making History. 7 mins.

Tom Holland talks to Dr Hazel Mackenzie at the University of Buckingham to find out how they are using so-called crowd-sourcing techniques to research the journals of Charles Dickens and whether this might change historical research in the future.”

19 December 2011

BBC Radio Kent – Drive Time with Dominic King.

Update on project. 3 mins.

12th January 2012

JD interviewed for Andrew Dickens' article in ShortList  'Just How Dickensian Are We?'


25th January 2012

JD interviewed by Caroline Quinn for the BBC documentary ‘Dickens and Parliament’. Programme has aired 44 times between 24th March and 15th June. 4 mins total in 25 min. show. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01f1649/broadcasts

25th January 2012

JD and Dr Tony Williams: address to the Royal Society of Arts on the topic of 'Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce in Dickens's Journalism' http://www.thersa.org/fellowship/where-you-are/london/events/past-events/arts,-manufactures-and-commerce-in-dickens-journalism

3rd February 2012

JD interviewed by Stephen Beard for American Public Radio's Marketplace business programme. 5 mins.

7th February 2012

JD interviewed for Anna Brosnan's article in The Northampton Chronicle.

100 words

1 col. inch


8th February 2012

JD: opening lecture in the Ferens Fine Art lecture series 2012 at the Middleton Hall, University of Hull  http://www2.hull.ac.uk/fass/english/newsandevents/events/dickensandart.aspx

14th February 2012

JD and Dr Tony Williams presented to the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at a reception at Buckingham Palace, held to celebrate Dickens's Bicentenary (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-17032379)

15th March 2011

Broadcast ofCould this be the setting of Dickens' Bleak House?’ JD participates as visiting expert in programme for BBC School Report. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport/17366936. 5 mins.


19th March 2012

The Dickens Journals Online film Charles Dickens, London Journalist posted on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FROa8ozi0N0  361 views to 24/06/2012. 18 mins.

28-31 March 2012

Charles Dickens and the Mid-Victorian Press, 1850-1870. The DJO launch conference. 111 delegates from 14 countries. Conference Proceedings (20 chapters) on schedule for publication by the University of Buckingham Press, Autumn 2012. See http://www.buckingham.ac.uk/latest-news/launch-of-dickens-journals-online-project/ for report.


22 June2012

JD. Letter to Guardian. ‘Thanks to all for a Dickens of a job.’ p. 37.

330 words

7 col inches

23 June 2012

1.  I on Saturday, p. 19.  Adam Sherwin’s article on DJO.


¼ page

2. The Independent. Adam Sherwin’s article on DJO.


¼ page

3. Independent.co.uk. Adam Sherwin’s full article on DJO. 575words




Fb 38; Tw 32

24 June 2012

ABC Melbourne with Red Symons

Breakfast Show – follow-up interview about DJO. 4 mins.


25 June 2012

Guardian Online books

Charles Dickens identified as author of mystery article. Alison Flood article.



Online only. 890 words.

Fb 321; Tw152


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18.The Bloomsbury Reader (11/12/2012)



 19.  http://nicolebush.co.uk/2011/07/10/workshop-report-dickens-journals-online/

 20.  http://shakinspearians.wordpress.com/2014/07/08/dickens-goes-digital-2/ 

21. http://shakinspearians.wordpress.com/2014/07/09/digital-dickens-goes-forth/


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