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To detect and circumvent this fraternity,
is the science of thief-taking. Here, it is,
however, impossible to give even an imperfect
notion of the high amount of skill, intelligence,
and knowledge, concentrated in the
character of a clever Detective Policeman.
We shall therefore finish the sketch in
another paper.


FROM his bed rose Richard Burnell
At the early dawn of day,
Ere the bells of London City
Welcomed in the morn of May.

Early on that bright May morning
Rose the young man from his bed,
He, the happiest man in London,—
And blithely to himself he said:

"' When the men and maids are dancing,
And the folk are mad with glee,
In the Temple's shady gardens
Let me walk and talk with thee! '

"Thus my Alice spake last even,
Thus with trembling lips she spake,
And those blissful words have kept me
Through the live-long night awake.

"'Tis a joy beyond expression,
When we first, in truth, perceive
That the love we long have cherished
Will not our fond hearts deceive!

"Never dared I to confess it,
Deeds of homage spoke instead;
True love is its own revealer,
She must know it! oft, I said.

"All my words, and all my actions,
But one meaning could impart;
Love can love's least sign interpret,
And she reads my inmost heart.

"And her good, old merchant father,
Father he has been to me
Saw the love growing up between us,
Saw and was well-pleased to see.

"Seven years I truly served him,
Now my time is at an end
Master is he now no longer,
Father will behas been friend.

"I was left betimes an orphan,
Heir unto great merchant-wealth,
But the iron rule of kinsfolk
Dimmed my youth, and sapped my health.

"Death had been my early portion
Had not my good guardian come;
He, the father of my Alice,
And conveyed me to his home.

"Here began a new existence,
Then how new the love of friends!
And for all the child's afflictions,
Each one strove to make amends.

"Late my spring-time came, but quickly
Youth's rejoicing currents run,
And my inner life unfolded
Like a flower before the sun.

"Hopes, and aims, and aspirations,
Grew within the growing boy;
Life had new interpretation;
Manhood brought increase of joy.

"In and over all was Alice,
Life-infusing, like the spring;
My soul's soul! even joy without her
Was a poor and barren thing!

"And she spoke last eve at parting,
' When the folk are mad with glee,
In the Temple's pleasant gardens
Let me walk and talk with thee! '

"As she spoke, her sweet voice trembled
Love such tender tones can teach!
And those words have kept me waking,
And the manner of her speech!

"For such manner has deep meaning,"
Said young Burnell, blithe and gay;
And the bells of London City
Pealed a welcome to the May.


Whilst the folk were mad with pleasure,
'Neath the elm-tree's vernal shade,
In the Temple's quiet gardens
Walked the young man and the maid.

On his arm her hand was resting,
And her eyes were on the ground;
She was speaking, he was silent;
Not a word his tongue had found.

"Friend beloved," she thus addressed him,
"I have faith and hope in thee!
Thou canst do what no one else can
Thou canst be a friend to me!

"Richard, we have lived together
All these years of happy youth;
Have, as sister and as brother,
Lived in confidence and truth.

"Thou from me hast hid no feelings,
Thy whole heart to me is known;
II only have kept from thee
One dear, little thought alone.

"Have I wronged thee in so doing,
Then forgive me! but give ear,
'Tis to bare my heart before thee
That I now am with thee here.

"Well thou know'st my father loves thee;
'Tis his wish that we should wed,
I shame not to speak thus frankly
Wish, or will more justly said.

"But this cannot be, my brother,
Cannot be'twere nature's wrong!—
I have said so to my father,—
But thou know'st his will is strong."

Not a word spake Richard Burnell;
Not a word came to his lips;
Like one tranced he stood and listened;
Life to him was in eclipse.

In a lower tone she murmured,
Murmured like a brooding dove,
"Know thou,—Leonard Woodvil loves me,—
Andthat he has won my love."

Came a pause. The words she uttered
Seemed to turn him into stone,
Pale he stood and mute beside her,
And with blushes she went on.