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name of Simon Deg had slid, under the hands
of the Heralds, into the really aristocratical
one of Sir Simon Degge. They had traced
him up a collateral kinship, spite of his own
consciousness, to a baronet of the same name
of the county of Stafford, and had given him
a coat of arms that was really astonishing.

It was some years before this, that Sir
Roger Rockville had breathed his last. His
title and estate had fallen into litigation.
Owing to two generations having passed without
any issue of the Rockville family except
the one son and heir, the claims, though
numerous, were so mingled with obscuring
circumstances, and so equally balanced, that
the lawyers raised quibbles and difficulties
enough to keep the property in Chancery, till
they had not only consumed all the ready
money and rental, but had made frightful inroads
into the estate itself. To save the
remnant, the contending parties came to a
compromise. A neighbouring squire, whose
grandfather had married a Rockville, was
allowed to secure the title, on condition that
the rest carried off the residuum of the estate.
The woods and lands of Rockville were
announced for sale!

It was at this juncture that old William
Watson reminded Sir Simon Degge of a conversation
in the great grove of Rockville,
which they had held at the time that Sir
Roger was endeavouring to drive the people
thence. " What a divine pleasure might this
man enjoy," said Simon Deg to his humble
friend, " if he had a heart capable of letting
others enjoy themselves."

"But we talk without the estate," said
William Watson, "what might we do if we
were tried with it?"

Sir Simon was silent for a moment; then
observed that there was sound philosophy in
William Watson's remark. He said no more,
but went away; and the next day announced
to the astonished old man that he had purchased
the groves and the whole ancient
estate of Rockville!

Sir Simon Degge, the last of a long line of
paupers, was become the possessor of the noble
estate of Sir Roger Rockville of Rockville, the
last of a long line of aristocrats!

The following summer when the hay was
lying in fragant cocks in the great meadows
of Rockville, and on the little islands in the
river, Sir Simon Degge, Baronet, of Rockville,
for such was now his titlethrough
the suggestion of a great lawyer, formerly
Recorder of the Borough of Stockington, to
the crownheld a grand fĂȘte on the occasion
of his coming to reside at Rockville Hall,
henceforth the family seat of the Degges.
His house and gardens had all been restored
to the most consummate order. For years
Sir Simon had been a great purchaser of
works of art and literature, paintings, statuary,
books, and articles of antiquity, including rich
armour and precious works in ivory and gold.

First and foremost he gave a great banquet
to his wealthy friends, and no man with a
million and a half is without themand in
abundance. In the secoud place, he gave a
substantial dinner to all his tenantry, from
the wealthy farmer of five hundred acres to
the tenant of a cottage. On this occasion he
said, "Game is a subject of great heart-burning
and of great injustice to the country.
It was the bane of my predecessor: let us
take care it is not ours. Let every man kill
the game on the land that he rentsthen he
will not destroy it utterly, nor allow it to grow
into a nuisance. I am fond of a gun myself,
but I trust to find enough for my propensity
to the chace in my own fields and woodsif I
occasionally extend my pursuit across the
lands of my tenants, it shall not be to carry
off the first-fruits of their feeding, and I shall
still hold the enjoyment as a favour."

We need not say that this speech was
applauded most vociferously. Thirdly, and
lastly, he gave a grand entertainment to all
his workpeople, both of the town and the
country. His house and gardens were thrown
open to the inspection of the whole assembled
company. The delighted crowd admired immensely
the pictures and the pleasant gardens.
On the lawn, lying between the great grove
and the hall, an enormous tent was pitched,
or rather a vast canvas canopy erected, open
on all sides, in which was laid a charming
banquet; a military band from Stockington
barracks playing during the time. Here Sir
Simon made a speech as rapturously received
as that to the farmers. It was to the effect,
that all the old privileges of wandering in
the grove, and angling, and boating on the
river were restored. The inn was already
rebuilt in a handsome Elizabethan style,
larger than before, and to prevent it ever
becoming a fane of intemperance, he had there
posted as landlord, he hoped for many years
to come, his old friend and benefactor, William
Watson. William Watson should protect the
inn from riot, and they themselves the groves
and river banks from injury.

Long and loud were the applauses which
this announcement occasioned. The young
people turned out upon the green for a dance,
and in the evening, after an excellent tea
the whole company descended the river to
Stockington in boats and barges decorated
with boughs and flowers, and singing a song
made by William Watson for the occasion,
called "'The Health of Sir Simon, last and
first of his Line!"

Years have rolled on. The groves and
river banks and islands of Rockville are still
greatly frequented, but are never known to
be injured: poachers are never known there,
for four reasons.—First, nobody would like to
annoy the good Sir Simon; secondly, game is
not very numerous there; thirdly, there is no
fun in killing it, where there is no resistance;
and fourthly, it is vastly more abundant in
other proprietors' demesnes, and it is fun to
kill it there, where it is jealously watched, and

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