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My business lay with Leasem. The interviews
and letters passing were numerous.
However, it came at last to the following

"Well, my dear Mr. Discount," began Mr.
Leasem, who hates me like poison. "I'm
really very sorry for that poor dear Molinos
knew his father well; a great man, a perfect
gentleman; but you know what women are,
eh, Mr. Discount? My client won't advance
a shilling, she knows it would only be wasted
in low dissipation. Now don't you think (this
was said very insinuatingly)—don't you think
he had better be sent to the workhouse; very
comfortable accommodation there, I can assure
youmeat twice a week, and excellent soup;
and then, Mr. D., we might consider about
allowing you something for that bill."

"Mr. Leasem, can you reconcile it to your
conscience to make such an arrangement.
Here's a wife rolling in luxury, and a husband

"No, Mr. Discount, not starving; there is
the workhouse, as I observed before; besides,
allow me to suggest that these appeals to
feeling are quite unprofessionalquite

"But, Mr. Leasem, touching this property
which the poor man is entitled to."

"Why, there again, Mr. D., you must excuse
me; you really must. I don't say he is, I don't
say he is not. If you know he is entitled to
property, I am sure you know how to proceed;
the law is open to you, Mr. Discountthe
law is open; and a man of your talent will
know how to use it."

"Then, Mr. Leasem, you mean that I must,
in order to right this starving man, file a Bill
of Discovery, to extract from you the
particulars of his rights. You have the Marriage
Settlement, and all the information, and you
decline to allow a pension, or afford any
information; the man is to starve, or go to the

"Why, Mr. D., you are so quick and violent,
it really is not professional; but you see
(here a subdued smile of triumph), it has been
decided that a solicitor is not bound to afford
such information as you ask, to the injury of
his client."

Then you mean that this poor Molinos may
rot and starve, while you keep secret from
him, at his wife's request, his title to an
income, and that the Court of Chancery will
back you in this iniquity?"

I kept repeating the word "starve," because
I saw it made my respectable opponent wince.
"Well, then, just listen to me. I know that
in the happy state of our equity law, Chancery
can't help my client; but I have another plan;
I shall go hence to my office, issue a writ,
and take your client's husband in execution
as soon as he is lodged in jail, I shall file his
schedule in the Insolvent Court, and when he
comes up for his discharge, I shall put you in
the witness-box, and examine you on oath,
'touching any property of which you know
the insolvent to be possessed,' and where will
be your privileged communications then?"

The respectable Leasem's face lengthened
in a twinkling, his comfortable confident air
vanished, he ceased twiddling his gold chain,
and at length he muttered, "Suppose we pay
the debt?"

"Why then, I'll arrest him the day after
for another."

"But, my dear Mr. Discount, surely such
conduct would not be quite respectable?"

"That's my business; my client has been
wronged, I am determined to right him, and
when the aristocratic firm of Leasem and
Fashun takes refuge according to the custom
of respectable repudiators, in the cool arbours
of the Court of Chancery, why, a mere bill-
discounting attorney like David Discount
need not hesitate about cutting a bludgeon
out of the Insolvent Court."

"Well, well, Mr. D., you are so warmso
fiery; we must deliberate, we must consult.
You will give me until the day after
tomorrow, and then we'll write you our final
determination; in the mean time, send us
copy of your authority to act for Mr. Molinos

Of course I lost no time in getting the
gentleman beggar to sign a proper letter.

On the appointed day came a communication
with the L. and F. seal, which I opened
not without unprofessional eagerness. It was
as follows:

"In re Molinos Fitz-Roy and Another.

"Sir,—In answer to your application on
behalf of Mr. Molinos Fitz-Roy, we beg to inform
you that under the administration of a paternal
aunt who died intestate, your client is entitled
to two thousand five hundred pounds eight
shillings and sixpence, Three per Cents.; one
thousand five hundred pounds nineteen
shillings and fourpence, Three per Cents. Reduced;
one thousand pounds, Long Annuities; five
hundred pounds, Bank Stock; three thousand
five hundred pounds, India Stock, besides
other securities, making up about ten thousand
pounds, which we are prepared to transfer
over to Mr. Molinos Fitz-Roy's direction

Here was a windfall! It quite took away
my breath.

At dusk came my gentleman beggar, and
what puzzled me was how to break the news
to him. Being very much overwhelmed with
business that day, I had not much time for
consideration. He came in rather better
dressed than when I first saw him, with only
a week's beard on his chin; but, as usual, not
quite sober. Six weeks had elapsed since
our first interview. He was still the humble,
trembling, low-voiced creature, I first knew

After a prelude, I said, "I find, Mr. F.,
you are entitled to something; pray, what do
you mean to give me in addition to my bill,
for obtaining it?" He answered rapidly, "Oh,

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