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with the commonest cultivation a literate and
useful citizen. More amusing orthography
we have no where met; but the information
it conveys is of the most useful kind. The
reader will perceive that the points touched
upon are precisely those respecting which
he would wish to be informed, were he about
to emigrate.

The epistle not only gives a truthful picture
of an Australian shepherd's condition, but
is in itself a lesson and a censure on that want
of national means of education from which at
least one-third of the adult population of
England suffer, and of which the writer is an
especial victim and example:

"Deer mother and father and sisters i root thes
few lines hooping to find you All well for I arr in
gudd halth my self and i wood root befor onley i
wos very un setled and now i have root i houp
you will rite back as soon as you can and send
how you all arr and likwise our frends and i am
hired my self for a sheeprd 12 munts for 19 pound
and my keep too for it wos to soun for our work
when i arive in the cuntry it is a plesent and a
helthay cuntry and most peple dows well in it
as liks onley it is a grait cuntry for durnkerds and
you do not Xpket for them to do well no weer
i have not got any folt to find of the cuntry for
after few theres man can bee is own master if hee
liks for the wagers is higher then tha arr at hom
and the previshen is seeper and peple do not work
so hard as thay do at tom and if any wne wish to
com com at wouce and don with it same as i did
and take no feer oof the see whot ever for i did not
see any danger whot ever and it is a cuntry that
puur peapole can get a gud living in hoostlue wich
thay can not at tom i arr vrey well plesed off the
cuntry and i should bee very happy if i had som
relishon over with me and i am 230 miles up the
cuutry and wee had a very plesent voyge over in
deed and likwise luckey and vrey litle sickenss
and no deths deer mother and father i houp you
will lett our frends no how i am geeting on and
der frends you take no heed what pepole says
about horstler take and past your own thouths
about it and if any body wishes to com i wood swade
them to com cos pepole can geet a gud living
there wer tha cant at tome and pepole betcr com
and geet a belly full then to stop at tome and
work day and night then onely get haf a bely ful
and i am shuur that no body can not find any folt
off the cuntry eXcep tis pepole do not now when
tha arr doing well [price of pervison] tee Ib Is to
3s suuger Ib 2d to 6d coofe Ib 8d to 1s bred Ib Id
to 2d beef Ib 1d to 2d mutten ditto baken 1b 6d to
1s. poork Ib 2d to 4d butter lb 6d to 1s chees Ib
4d to 8d pertos price as tome sope Ib 4d to 6d
starch and blue and soodor home price candles Ib
4d to 6d rice Ib 2d to 4d hags hom price trekle
Ib 4d to 5d solt Ib Id peper nounc 2d tabaker Ib
1s to 6s beer 4d pot at sednay and up in the pool
1s spirts hom price frut happles pars horengs
lemns peshes gusbryes curneth cheerys cokelnut
storbyes rasberys nuts of all sorts vegtbles of all
sorts price of cloths much the same as tome stok
very resneble sheep 2s 6d heed wait about 80
pounds fat bullket about 1000 wit 3l pour hors
from 2l to l0l ther is wonderful grait many black
in the cuntry but tha will not hurt any one if you
will let them alone.

traitment on bord ship,

wee arive in the 7 febery and sailed to graveshend
then wee stop ther 2 days then wee sailed from
ther to plymeth and wee stop ther 9 days and took
in loot more emigrant then wee sailed from ther
to seednay we arive to seednay 8 of June wee had
it vry ruf in the bay of biskey and three mor
places beside but i did not see any dainger of
sinking not the lest for wee had a vry plesent
voyges over in deed the pervison on bord ship
Monday pork haf pound pea haf pint butter
6 ounces weekly tea 1 ounce per week 9 ounces
daily biscuit Tusday beef haf pound rice 4 ounces
flour 1 pound per week Wendesday pork haf
pound peas haf pint raisins haf pound per week
cooffee 1 ounce and haf per week Thursday
preserved meet haf pound Friday pork haf pound
peas haf pint Sadurday beef haf pound rice 4
ounces sugar three Quarter pound per week
Sunday preserved meat haf pound fresh woter
three Quarrts daily vinegar haf pint per week
Mustard haf ounce per week salt tow ounces per
week lime Juse haf pint per week my der sisters
i houp you will keep your selvs from all bad
company for it is a disgrace to all frends and likwise
worse for you own sellvs o rember that opinted
day to com at last tis behoups that wee shal bee
free from all dets o whot a glorious tirm it will
bee then wee shal feel no more pains nor gref nor
sorows nor sickness nor truble of any cind o whot
a glorious term it will bee then o seeners kip your
selvs out off the mire for feer you shuld sink
to the bootem the sarvents wagars of houstler
tha geets ges haf as much mour as tha gets at
tome and my sister Maryaan shee kood geet
16 punds a year and Sarah get 20 pound and
Marther get 8 or 9 pound and tha arr not so sharp
to the servents as tha arr at tome i houp you will
send word wot the yungest child name is and how
it is geeting on and send the date when it wos
born and i houp this will find you all weel and
cumfortble to. J. R."


THE following is a chip from a block
whence we have already taken a few shavings:
—" Kohl's Travels in the Netherlands." It
describes the National Hospital for the Aged
at Brussels. Some of the inmates whom he
found in it, though still alive, belong to
history. It must have been with a sort of
archaic emotion that our inquisitive friend
found himself speaking to a man who had
escorted Marie Antoinette from Vienna to
Paris, on the occasion of her marriage!

"The magnitude of the Hospice des Vieillards
in Brussels," says Mr. Kohl, " fully
realises the idea of a National establishment.
The building itself fulfils all the required
conditions of extent, solidity, and convenience.
The gardens, court-yards, and apartments are
spacious and well arranged. The sleeping
and eating rooms are large, and well
furnished; and it is pleasing to observe, here and
there, the walls adorned with pictures painted
in oil-colours. The inmates of this Hospice
pass their latter days in the enjoyment of a
degree of happiness and comfort which would
be unattainable in their own homes. The