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to be saved from justice? In the few hours that
I can possibly allow to elapse before I publish
the truth, how is he to be found by us, and
only by us?  Ten thousand pounds could not
effect it."

"Sissy has effected it, father."

He raised his eyes to where she stood, like
a good fairy in his house, and said in a tone
of softened gratitude and grateful kindness,
"It is always you, my child!"

"We had our fears," Sissy explained, glancing
at Louisa, "before yesterday; and when
I saw you brought to the side of the litter
last night, and heard what passed (being close
to Rachael all the time), I went to him when
no one saw, and said to him, 'Don't look at
me. See where your father is. Escape at
once, for his sake and your own!' He was
in a tremble before I whispered to him, and
he started and trembled more then, and said,
'Where can I go? I have very little
money, and I don't know who will hide me!'
I thought of father's old circus. I have not
forgotten where Mr. Sleary goes at this time
of year, and I read of him in a paper only
the other day. I told him to hurry there, and
tell his name, and ask Mr. Sleary to hide him
till I came. 'I'll get to him before the morning,'
he said. And I saw him shrink away
among the people."

"Thank Heaven!" exclaimed his father.
"He may be got abroad yet."

It was the more hopeful, as the town to
which Sissy had directed him was within
three hours' journey of Liverpool, whence
he could be swiftly dispatched to any
part of the world. But, caution being
necessary in communicating with himfor
there was a greater danger every moment of
his being suspected now, and nobody could be
sure at heart but that Mr. Bounderby
himself in a bullying vein of public zeal, might
play a Roman partit was consented that
Sissy and Louisa should repair to the place
in question, by a circuitous course, alone;
and that the unhappy father, setting forth in
an opposite direction, should get round to the
same bourne by another and wider route. It
was further agreed that he should not present
himself to Mr. Sleary, lest his intentions
should be mistrusted, or the intelligence of
his arrival should cause his son to take flight
anew; but, that the communication should be
left to Sissy and Louisa to open; and that
they should inform the cause of so much
misery and disgrace, of his father's being at
hand and of the purpose for which they had
come. When these arrangements had been
well considered and were fully understood by
all three, it was time to begin to carry them
into execution. Early in the afternoon, Mr.
Gradgrind walked direct from his own house
into the country, to be taken up on the line
by which he was to travel; and at night the
remaining two set forth upon their different
course, encouraged by not seeing any face
they knew.

The two travelled all night, except when
they were left, for odd numbers of minutes, at
branch-places up illimitable flights of steps,
or down wellswhich was the only variety of
those branchesand, early in the morning,
were turned out on a swamp, a mile or two
from the town they sought. From this dismal
spot they were rescued by a savage old
postilion, who happened to be up early, kicking
a horse in a fly; and so were smuggled into the
town by all the back lanes where the pigs
lived: which, although not a magnificent or
even savoury approach, was, as is usual in
such cases, the legitimate highway.

The first thing they saw on entering the
town was the skeleton of Sleary's Circus.
The company had departed for another town
more than twenty miles off, and had opened
there last night. The connection between
the two places was by a hilly turnpike-road,
and the travelling on that road was very
slow. Though they took but a hasty breakfast,
and no rest (which it would have
been in vain to seek under such anxious
circumstances), it was noon before they began to
find the bills of Sleary's Horseriding on barns
and walls, and one o'clock when they stopped
in the market-place.

A Grand Morning Performance by the
Riders, commencing at that very hour, was in
course of announcement by the bellman as they
set their feet upon the stones of the street.
Sissy recommended that, to avoid making
inquiries and attracting attention in the town,
they should present themselves to pay at the
door. If Mr. Sleary were taking the money,
he would be sure to know her, and would
proceed with discretion. If he were not, he
would be sure to see them inside; and, knowing
what he had done with the fugitive, would
proceed with discretion still.

Therefore they repaired with fluttering
hearts, to the well-remembered booth. The
flag with the inscription SLEARY'S HORSE-
RIDING, was there; and the Gothic niche was
there; but Mr. Sleary was not there. Master
Kidderminster, grown too maturely turfy to
be received by the wildest credulity as Cupid
any more, had yielded to the invincible force
of circumstances (and his beard), and, in the
capacity of a man who made himself
generally useful, presided on this occasion over
the exchequerhaving also a drum in reserve,
on which to expend his leisure moments and
superfluous forces. In the extreme sharpness
of his look-out for base coin, Mr.
Kidderminster, as at present situated, never saw
anything but money; so Sissy passed him
unrecognised, and they went in.

The Emperor of Japan, on a steady old
white horse stencilled with black spots, was
twirling five wash-hand basins at once, as it
is the favorite recreation of that monarch to
do. Sissy, though well acquainted with his
Royal line, had no personal knowledge of the
present Emperor, and his reign was peaceful.
Miss Josephine Sleary in her celebrated

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