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Barrington, was spoken, in which wore to
be found the appropriate lines:—

*' True patriots we, for be it understood
"We left our country for our country's good."

The authorities on licensing the
undertaking gave the manager to understand that
the slightest infraction of propriety would be
visited by the banishment of the entire
company to another settlement, there to work
in chains. The coercive mastership of the
revels is somewhat akin to the theatrical
discipline in use in the Italian provinces
under Austrian yoke, where refractory tenors
are not unfrequently threatened with the
bastinado by the military commandant, and
prima donnas in the sulks are marched off to
the guard-house between two files of Croat
Grenadiers. The principal drawback to the
prosperity of the Sydney theatricals seems,
according to my Mag., to have been the
system of accepting at the doors, in lieu of
the price of admission, as much flour, beef, or
rum, as the manager chose to consider an
equivalent. It was feared that this would
act like gambling, as an inducement to the
convicts to rob; and more serious evil arose
in the frequent losses of watches and money
by the respectable portion of the audience
during the performances, and in the advantage
some of the worst of the fair penitents
took of the absence of the inhabitants at the
theatre to break into their houses, and rob
them of their contents.

On the twenty-eighth of July my constant
Mag. returns to the "Awful Examples." Two
gentlemen, barristers and brothers, * Henry
and John Sheares, are hanged and decapitated
in Dublin for high treason. At the last
moment an urgent appeal was made to the
Government for mercy, were it even to one
of the brothers, and with an offer on their
parts to make ample confessions; but the
Government replied " That they had a full
knowledge of everything that could come out
in confession, and that the law must take its
course." Which the law does.

July the twenty-first, William Whiley is
flogged through the fleet at Portsmouth for
mutiny on board Her Majesty's ship Pluto.
On the same day, Brian, for the same mutiny
on board the same ship, is hanged at the

July the twenty-third, McCann is tried for
high treason in Dublin, as being the author
of some treasonable papers found in the house
of Mr. Oliver Bond. He is found guilty,
sentenced to death, and hanged on the
nineteenth of August. On the twenty-sixth,
Michael William Byrne is also tried for the
same offence, and the jury, after five minutes'
consideration, find him guilty. He is impenitent,
and exclaims, " with a warm accompaniment
of action," that " he glories in the event
of his trial." He is executed on the twenty-
fifth of August. " Several other persons,"
adds my Mag. as if weary of particularising

the examples, " have also been hanged for
high treason during the present month."

On the thirty-first of July, the Blenheim,
a whale ship, arrives at Hull from the Greenland
seas. Passing Whitebooth Roads the
Nonsuch and Redoubt men-of-war, guard-
ships, fire several shot into her (as a species
of welcome to England, home, and beauty,
I presume), but without effect. Three boats
are then manned and sent towards her, for
the purpose of impressing the seamen of the
Blenheim; but these opinionated mariners
"agree to differ" from the men-of-war's
men, and arming themselves with harpoons,
Greenland knives, and spears, resolutely
oppose their coming on board. The Nautilus
sloop of war, having, by this time, joined the
other two, also sends a boat, and fires more
than thirty shot into her " with intent to
bring her to," but without effect. A deadly
struggle ensues; and the seamen of the
whale ship fire a swivel, loaded with grapeshot,
into the men-of-war's boat, and des
perately wound two men and an officer; and
at last their opponents row off. One of the
wounded men dies in the hospital the next
night, and the life of another is despaired of;
whereupon, a coroner's jury sit on the body
of the seaman deceased, and return a verdict
of wilful murder against a person unknown.
Meanwhile, the crew of the Blenheim have
reached the shore and concealed themselves
none of them being wounded. I wonder,
if any one of them had been killed, and the
same coroner's jury had sat on the corpse,
what would have been the verdict upon him.
I must not omit to state that, the day after
this abominable affray, warrants are issued
for the apprehension of such of the Blenheim's
crew as had been identified by the crews of
the men-of-war boats. My Mag. does not
state if they are captured or not; but our
friend the Habeas Corpus being still absent,
I am not without misgiving for them if they
are arrested.

On the second of August an event takes
place with which most readers of the annals
of the stage must be familiar. Mr. John
Palmer, a favourite actor, while enacting
the part of the " Stranger" in the Liverpool
theatre, drops down dead upon the stage.
He is buried on the thirteenth, at Warton
near Liverpool, and on his tombstone (with
questionable taste) are engraven these awfully
significant words

"There is another and a better world!"

My Mag., to add to the vulgar horror of the
catastrophe, states that these very words
were the last he uttered on earth; but a
reference to the text of the Stranger will
show that the words in question are in the
part of Mrs. Haller.

On the sixth of September, my Mag.
chronicles the result of six informations heard
before the magistrates at Bow Street, London,
and laid by the Stamp Office against a

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