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additional sum for "curling" and for
"shampooing." A shampooed Mormon must be a
spectacle quite worth the money to see.
Mr. Thomas McKenzie is, we elsewhere
notice, also engaged in business as a butcher.
Perhaps he kills the mutton as a butcher
that supplies the bear's grease which he
uses as a barber. Ingenious commercial

Charles White, under a heading of
"Positively next to the last Call," makes the
following pithy announcement:—

"All those indebted to me by note or account
will please to call and settle forthwith; and if
there are any that I owe, now is the time to get
your pay."

The most peculiar of all these advertisements
is one signed by President Brigham
Young; which gives too clear an insight into
the system upon which public buildings are
erected in the Great Salt Lake City, to need
any comment or explanation.

"NOTICE is hereby given to the Seventies, and
all others interested, that the accounts of
indebtedness on subscriptions for the erection of the
Seventies' Hall are now in my hands, together
with the names of subscribers. I do not deem it
necessary to publish the list of names and
indebtedness at this timeevery person must
necessarily know whether he owes anything or
notbut I do request each and every one who
knows that he is indebted to inform me
immediately how, and in what manner, he intends to
discharge the same. If in labour, what kind,
mechanical or common, and what branch; whether
team-work can be had, distinguishing whether it
will be hauling timber, lumber, stone, lime, or
sand. It is my intention to have the adobies made
upon the ground; consequently will require the
hauling of the clay from the low land to mix with
the dirt and gravel on the ground. Now, before
the spring work commences, is the time to do this,
as well as the stone hauling, as soon as they can
be quarried. I wish the brethren who will do
this kind of work to notify me without delay, that
I may be enabled to direct them, as I wish to
place the material upon the ground in such a
manner as to obviate unnecessary hauling. All those
who intend to pay in cash, produce, nails, glass,
oil, paint, door-trimmings, stock or lumber, and
have it now on hand, are hereby informed that I
am now prepared to receive and credit the same
on subscription of stock to the Hall. As you have
made me your building Committee, I desire the
particular attention of the brethren to this call, for
information as respects their designs, as I shall
also expect their prompt attention at the proper
time, as the season for building advances, to fulfil
and perform the same accordingly that the work
may progress. All property, as heretofore, will be
delivered to brother Jos. Young. Address through
the Post Office must be post paid."

It reads like a dream that in these times
living men, who speak our own tongue, should
build a temple in the same manner as the
tribes of Israel built their temples when they
returned from their captivity. It is a return
to primitive life. Even commerce is conducted
on old world principles. The advertisements
show that barter is rather courted than
objected to. A surgeon announces that "all
dues can be settled through the Tithing Office,
or in wood, wheat, flour, potatoes, lumber, etc."
But there are novelties also. Conspicuous
among the advertisements we notice one
inserted by "our own reporter," in which that
useful individual states that he is "on hand,
when called for, to make verbatim reports
of the blessings of children, confirmations,
sermons, lectures, etc."

Among the letters sent by the ex-weaver
to his friends, is one that treats of the
question of polygamy, from the Mormon point of
view. "I have not," writes the ex-weaver,
"married any more wives yet; my wife"
[noble disinterestedness!]" has manifested a
disposition for me to marry a few more
wives, that I may have a numerous off-

Then comes a fine burst of enthusiasm!
"0 Christendom! famed and extolled to the
heavens for thy religion, piety, and
charitable institutions; thy face is fair to look
upon, thy form is comely, and thy voice is
musical and soothing as the summer breezes;
but thy heart is a pit of corruption, thy
throat a sepulchre of rottenness, beneath
thy tongue is concealed the poison of asps,
and death and destruction follow the touch
of thy unhallowed breath! There is neither
vice nor disease among the saints; the
women are all virtuous and good; their
chastity is protected by the strong arm
of the law; our children are legitimate;
and a mighty nation is springing up in
the midst of these mountains that will
ultimately sway the sceptre of power over all
the earth, and purge it of its filthiness, that
Messiah may come and reign with all his

Amongst all the rhodomontade and wild
ignorant superstition of the Mormons, it is
impossible not to feel interested in them as
the embryo of a nation founded upon industry,
and upon a theorem of communism which has
occupied the attention of philosophers from
Plato downwards.


Every one is able to detect in himself or in
others what is termed a bad ear for music;
that is, an ear incapable of distinguishing one
melody from another, or unable to note errors
in the performance of a familiar tune. Few,
however, are so cognisant of visual defects.
A dog leading a beggar; a pair of green or
purple spectacles on the nose of a passenger
in the street; an eye-glass dangling from the
neck of a fine gentlemanare known as signs
of some optical infirmity. But it is possible
that the nearest friend may never yet have
known the true colour of a rose, a geranium,
or of a railway danger-lamp; and that his
deficiency of eye-sight be unknown even to

Colour-blindness has been a subject of
investigation since sixteen hundred and eighty

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