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at once shown his readiness to act upon the
commands he had received, however much
they might be in contradiction to his own
previous intentions; and he had done so.
The reply of the Mussulman has been
universally received with a perfect concert of

No right-minded person can reflect without
a decent enthusiasm on the exquisite
discrimination which has hitherto guided our
appointments in the East. The harmless and
amiable character of most of the gentlemen
(not employed in our diplomatic relations
with the Porte) must be a subject of endless
and joyful contemplation to our noble and
enlightened nation; and when we think how,
and by whom, some of the most important
offices are discharged, that joy must infallibly
be raised into wonder and awe.

One of the chief interpreters of the British
army now arrayed in so imposing an attitude
before the most splendid of the Russian
possessions in the Black Sea, is a gentleman who
for some time carried on the scientific
profession of a travelling physician, who roamed
from land to land at his own expense, and
practised in the proudest defiance of the
written rules of the vain art to which we
subscribe in Britain. He was his own
College of Physicians, and Apothecaries'
Hall. Though probably originally of humble
birth, and speaking his native tongue but
imperfectly, this able man soon acquired that
vast fund of terms connected with his calling
which at once pointed him out to fill the
honourable and responsible post to which he
was eventually named. Another of our
interpreters was a sage almost equally
famous. He was a German renegade,
said to have been released from his
allegiance to the Austrian crown, in consequence
of a brief connection with M.
Kossuth. This ardent student appears
to have pursued his studies with such
energy after his nomination as army
interpreter, that several of his most important
manuscripts were found in the carriage
of Prince Menschikoff, when that vehicle fell
into the hands of the British army. These
valuable compositions, however, do not
appear to have occasioned that scientific
glow in the bosom of our commander-in-chief
which they were probably designed to arouse,
and it is said that the sage has formed another
in the melancholy catalogue of learned
martyrs who have fallen victims to their

Some of the rest of our interpreters are
wise scholars, whose qualifications were long
the theme of the various distinguished visitors
who have from time to time enjoyed their
conversation while transacting business at
the splendid bazaars of Constantinople, or
wandering over the mighty structure of St.
Sophia. These remarkable men, long
attached to the staff of the various great Perote
hotels appear to have been miraculously
inspired with the knowledge necessary to
interpret for our armies; and if they have
now and then made some mistakes, the
candid inquirer cannot fail to have remarked
that many of the most distinguished cousinocracy
of England, who have recently arrived
in Turkey with startling Oriental reputation,
have also frequently been staggered by the
singular difference which exists between the
Turkish which astounds Belgravia, and that
which is unaccountably spoken by the

Let us cast the enraptured glance of
observation over the whole of that vast empire
which belongs to Britain, and over which the
luminary of day never ceases to cast its beams,
and we shall find similar cause for patriotic
pride. Our public servants, like the poets
described by their great Roman contemporary,
are born, not made. True we have no college
for the study of oriental languages like the
dull Austrians; but, lo! a race of prodigies
come to aid us as by miraculous interposition
in the hour of need.

In taking leave, therefore, of any young
gentleman who has recently entered her
Majesty's service, and who may chance to
cast an eye on this little eulogy of our
institutions, let me affectionately warn him to
avoid endeavouring to qualify himself by any
vulgar arts, for promotion. Long studies
zeal, energy, the genius which is only the
fruit of thoughtful arid patient labour, will
inevitably stand in his way. Let him rather
seek to enter the great British cousinocracy
by marriage if he really wish to get on.
Let him resolutely and perseveringly
address himself to gaining the affections
of some good old Whig family, and all
these things will be given to him. If I
wished to offer an example more striking
than another, I would point out the emphatic
warning afforded by the fate of those silly
fellows who have applied themselves for
years to the study of oriental languages at
her Majesty's embassy at Constantinople.
They appear to have entertained the
ridiculous idea that such course of
application would further their advancement
in life!

On Thursday, the Fourteenth of December, will be published, price
Threepence, or Stamped for Post, Fourpence,
Being the
of HOUSEHOLD WORDS, and containing the amount
of One Regular Number and a Half.

Next Week will be Published the SEVENTEENTH PART of

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