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made of wood or plaster, of course; but
when made in paper or card, it can be folded
when out of use, and packed away in a very
small space. There are models of cubes,
steps, round towers, square towers, lodges,
cottages, bridges, gateways, churchesany
one of which can be unfolded, adjusted to its
perfect geometrical form, and set up as a
model to copy from. Fifty little people, sitting
in a circle on fifty little stools, might copy
the same model all at once: each one selecting
a different point of view.

Going a little farther we found the table
easel, which stands so handily on a table
or bench, and can be regulated so neatly
in respect to angle and altitude. We
found the folding easel, which is enabled
by its hinges to fold up into a snuggery
somewhat smaller than a bootjack. We found the
framed easel, which you can take to pieces
with facility, and build again on a very
short notice. We found the French sketching
easel, readily unhinged when out of use, and
securely retaining the canvas or panel when
in use in the open air. We found the mill-
board sketching frame, so ingeniously put
together that you may place two wet paintings
within it, face inwards, and yet not
touching. We found the sketching seat, and
the walking-stick sketching stool, so compact
as to be nothing more than a stout walking-
stick when closed, and yet forming an
effective seat when unclosed. We found the
sketching umbrella, with a seat to sit upon,
and a canopy over your head. We found
the German sketching seat and easel, in
which you can sit upon your chair in the
careless position of those who like to be
hind-side before, and in which you have a
provision for making the back of your chair
into an easel.  We found the ditto ditto
for ladies, in which the mode of sitting on the
chair is more feminine. We found the artist's
pocket-knife: such a multum in parvo that,
although not larger than an ordinary pocket-
knife, it contains a palette-knife, a fine blade,
a file for sharpening pencil or chalk, an
erasing or scraping-blade, and a screw for
drawing the corks of varnish-bottles. We
found the tablet for sketching in oil, composed
of a number of sheets of prepared paper,
fastened at the edges, from which each sheet
may be separated by passing a knife round
the edge. We found the collapsible colour-
tubes, which only require a gentle squeeze to
induce them to give forth their prepared
oil colours, just in the quantity and manner
best suited to the requirements of the
artist. We found the architectural curves,
nicely-cut pieces of flat smooth wood which
enable you to select any kind of curve
of any reasonable radius. We found the
handy drawing desk, which opens out to form
a raised desk or drawing-board, for exhibiting
the copy at a proper distance for the
draughtsman, and comprises a drawer to
contain paper.

All of which oddities, and novelties, and
utilities are realities of the present day,
though to read of them is like reading of the
purchases made by the three Eastern Princes,
who were brothers and rivals, and went, each
upon his travels, to see who could bring home
the most curious acquisition, and so win the
beautiful Princess with the very long name.


WHEN Haj Hamed borrowed a hundred
dinars of the merchant Kodadad, he swore
by the faith of the Prophet to return
the sum within six months from that time,
and fixed the hour and day. He was a
young man, full of hope and confidence, and
Kodadad was old and wary. "My son," said
the latter, " this is perhaps a rash promise.
Say one year." But, Haj Hamed would not
accept a further delay. He was going from
Tarsus to Damascus on a commercial journey,
and had accurately calculated the time.
One month to go; one month to come
back; three months to sell his goods; a
whole month to spare. But, the accidents
of the road,—sickness, robbers, unforeseen
delays? He relied upon the mercy of God;
and with many asseverations said that at
the appointed time he would present
himself at the kiosque of the merchant Kodadad,
on the banks of the river, and lay
before him a hundred golden dinars. The
money was lent without interest, and
payment was a sacred obligation.

The caravan set out, flags flying, and
drums beating, from the rendezvous on the
opposite side of the river, and soon entered
the gorges of the mountains. After
proceeding a little way, a halt was agreed upon;
for many of the merchants had stayed
behind, saying their last adieus to their
families, or making additions to their
merchandise. Haj Hamed, who possessed several
camel-loads, and had been among the first to
be ready at the place of meeting, repined at
this delay.

He had earned his title of Haj, or Pilgrim,
when a boy, by going incompanywithhisfather
to the shrine of the Prophet; but this was
the first journey he had undertaken since,
His impatience, therefore, may be excused.
He had started with the idea of making a
fortune; and was impatient to be doing,
Besides, there was his promise to Kodadad.
If he forfeited that, his credit was gone for
ever. Accordingly, he spent the first part of
the day that followed the halt, sitting by
the roadside, counting the stragglers that
came in, and jeering them for their tardiness,
"This young man," said some, " believes that
time was made only for him. What matters
a day more or less? At the end of life we
shall have to regret our impatience. There
are evils by every wayside. Why should we
be eager to come up with them?"

These philosophical remarks found no

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