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if my death should cause her great sorrow, I
hope nevertheless that she will pay more
regard to my prayer than to thy deed; and
thus I feel a presentiment that thou wilt
become a happy man. And, when thou
shalt have sons and sons' sons, let not my
name die out; and the honour which I
expect by this means shall be an equivalent
for the life which I give thee. Now, draw
the sword from my breast, and thus shall
our conversation come to an end!"

Thorsten did as he was desired, and Jökul
gave up the ghost.

Thorsten now returned to his father's
house; and, one day he said to his father,
that he would go to Götalaud to Ingemund
Jarl, as he had promised Jökul. Ketill
Raumur warned him of his danger, but
Thorsten replied:

"That which I have promised to Jökul I
will perform, though it should cost me my life."

He set off, therefore, to Götaland, and
arrived at the Jarl's house early in the
morning, when the Jarl, according to the
custom of the honourable men, was gone out to
the chase. Thorsten with his attendants
entered into the drinking room, and presently
the wife of the Jarl came in, as was her wont,
to see if anybody had arrived. When she
saw that there were strangers, she asked
them whence they came. Thorsten replied,
that he had something to say to her privately.
She bade him follow her to an inner
room. When they were alone he said: " I bring
thee the news of thy son Jökul's murder."

"That is sorrowful news," she exclaimed.

Thorsten then related to her all that had
taken place between her son and himself.

"Thou must be a bold man," said Vigdis.
"Nevertheless I believe every word which
thou hast told me; and, as Jökul gave thee
thy life, it shall be my advice that thou still
retain it; and for the sake of Jökul's prayer
I will present thy cause to the Jarl. In the
meantime thou hadst better keep out of sight."

When the Jarl returned, Vigdis went to
him and said:

"I have news for thee which concerns us

"Is it of the death of my son Jökul?"
asked he.

She acknowledged that it was.

"He has not died of any sickness? " inquired
the Jarl.

"Thou art right," replied she. "He has
been killed, and he showed the true spirit of
a man in his last moments. He spared the
life of his murderer, and has sent him hither
into our charge, with an unquestionable
token, and with the desire that thou wilt
grant him peace and forgive his offence, however
sore it be. Possibly, even he might
become a  support for thee; for which reason
thou wouldst make him thy son-in-law, and
give him thy daughter in marriage. Such
were Jökul's wishes, who prayed that thou
wouldst not leave his last desire unfulfilled.

How faithfully the man has kept his word
may be seen by his leaving his own home to
put himself in the power of his enemy.
Behold here the token which Jökul has sent."
And with these words she drew forth the
gold ring.

The Jarl heaved a deep sigh, and said,
"Thou hast made a bold speech. Thou
wishest that I should do honour to the man
who has murdered my son."

"There are two things to be taken into
consideration," she replied; "first, Jökul's
wishes and the man's evident truth and fidelity;
secondly, thy own advancing years,
which make an assistant necessary to thee,
for which purpose he seems well fitted."

"Thou seem'st to take up the cause of
this man with great earnestness, " said the
Jarl, "and I observe that thou art pleased
with him. I will now see him, that I may
judge for myself whether his appearance promises
any good thing."

Thorsten was brought in, and placed before
the Jarl.

"Sir," said he, "my affair is altogether in
your hands. You know what errand it was
which brought me hither. I beseech for
reconciliation; but I have no fear, whatever
your determination may be. Yet is is the
wont of great chiefs to grant life to him who
gives himself up into their power."

"I am pleased with thee," said the Jarl.
"I grant thee thy life; and the best remedy
for the loss of my son is, that thou take his
place. That is to say, if thou wilt stay with

Thorsten thanked the Jarl, and abode for
some time with him. So greatly did he win
his favour, that he gave him his daughter
Thordis for wife, and wished that he would
never leave him.

To this Thorsten replied: " I thank you,
and promise to remain with you as long as
you live; but after your death, the people of
this place will scarcely allow me to hold the
office of chief. Besides which, every one
must follow his own fate." The Jarl said
that he was right; and Thorsten, after his
death, removed to his father's estate, in
Raumsdale, in Norway. His son Ingemund,
after his death, removed to Iceland, where
he became a man of much consequence. When
he had attained to a great age, his friend,
Sæmund,* came to him, one day, and said:
* The celebrated Sæmund, the compiler of the Edda.

"I am here to tell thee, foster-brother, that
a person is come to my house who has not a
very good name, and with whom it is difficult
to keep on good terms. Nevertheless, he is
a kinsman of mine. His name is Hrolleif,
and I would beg of thee to let him and his
mother be at thy house."

"They are not people of good repute," replied
Ingemund; " nevertheless, as thou
mightest take it unneighbourly of me to
refuse, I will oblige thee."

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