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my notions about the zones, and of apology
for my innovations. The red shore is the
garden of the red plants. Some notion of the
redness of some of them is given by their
names; for example, Cruoria pellita, the
gory-skin, which looks like a splash of bright
blood. I have seen a rock crevice a foot
deep, and with four or five feet of surface,
which looked as if it had been papered or
tapestried with this gory skin. The crabs of
the other zones are brown or purple, while
the crabs of the red zone are red. There is
one which is called the strawberry crab,
because the carapace is coloured like
strawberries. Fixed animals are numerous on the
red shore, and therefore there will be no
difficulty in describing the zoological
geography of it.

Colour is, I submit, the mark of the zones
which is drawn by nature. The fixed colonies
of animals ought, I think, to determine
localities in zoological geography, as fixed
towns serve as marks in political
geography. Depth of water is only one of the
conditions in the choice of habitat, and does
not possess the importance on the shores
which is given to it in books. As some
of my readers may wish to know the
views of my predecessors respecting the
zones, I may state them briefly.
Audouin and Milne-Edwards divided the
seashore into five zones. The characters by
which they distinguished them are
hydrographical, botanical, and zoological.
Hydrographically viewed, the first zone is dry at
ordinary tides; the second commences below
high-water mark when the tide is out; the
third is bare at low tide; the fourth is bare
at very low tides; and the fifth is never left
uncovered by the sea. Botanically
characterised, the first is the ulvacean, the second
the laminarian, the third the coralline, the
fourth the great laminarian, and the fifth the
nullipore zone: and these distinguished
zoologists characterise the first zone zoologically
by the balani; the second by the turbo,
patella, purpura, nassa, actinæ, talitrus,
orchestia, &c.; the third by mytilus, patella,
green actinæ and compound ascidia; the
fourth by patella pellucida, asteria,
calleanassa, &c.; and the fifth by pectens,
portunidæ, maiæ, &c. In all, they
enumerate four or five hundred species of
animals. The British Association, while adopting
the zones of the French naturalists, reduce
them to fourthe littoral, laminarian, coralline,
and deep sea coral zones.

The English word shore seems preferable
to the Greek word zone. Shore comes from
the Saxon sciran, and signifies the scorethe
bit shorn off. With regard generally to the
innovation of translating the learned names
when they are good, and using the literal
English translation as the name, I do it
because I think it will be time enough for
me to write Greek when I shall have the
honour of addressing a large circle of Grecian
country cousins. Since I have adopted it, I
have been informed that this innovation has
been introduced simultaneously into Germany
by several naturalists.



BANKERS and Receivers-General at
Humbughausen and elsewhere have, now and then,
enclosed me lottery-tickets that are, they say,
sure to make my fortune. These fellows, I
know now to be generally Jews of the lamest
class, whom no one would trust, personally,
with a florin. Bankers they are not, but
receivers-general they are; for they are ready
to take in anything and anybody. It once
happened that I retained a ticket for one of
these lotteries, and that it was drawn a prize
of three hundred florins; for the full amount
of which the banker and receiver-general sent
me tickets warranted undrawn. Since I
preferred the money, however, I sent the
successful number to the respectable landlord of
the Weidenbusch, who had the greatest
difficulty in recovering the amount in well-
filed Prussian thalers. Jacob expressed as
much rage at being forced to pay as if he had
actually been defrauded of so much precious
metal, and the obliging innkeeper was not
without doubts about the safety of his head in
some of the filthy windings of the local
Jewry. There is an instance of one of these
receivers-general having distributed four
tickets of each number he was authorised
to sell. One of these turning out to be the
great prize, he instantly received the money
for it, and decamped.

It happened, in another case,—and this is,
just now my storythat a tradesman in an
adjacent state had purchased, at Frankfort-
on-Main, an original ticket; which, having
been drawn a prize of one hundred thousand
florins, it was to be expected that he would
see the announcement of his good fortune in
the papers of the next day. No time was lost,
therefore; for, if the grocer once reached
Frankfort, he would claim payment of the
administration, and so Israel would lose the
gold. The receiver-general therefore
dispatched his brother in the assumed character
of a police-agent, and his nephew as a gendarme.
Arrived at the small town in which the victim
lived, the mock-functionary said to him:

"Herr Muller, I wish to speak with you
privately, and this person must be present at
our conference." Grocer, somewhat alarmed
at the mysterious air and intimation, retired
with the visitors to his back-room.

"You ought to know, Herr Muller, that
there is a law, awarding fine and
imprisonment, to those who gamble in foreign lotteries;
a distinct information has been laid that you
purchased the ticket, Number——. It is
registered in your name, and my duty is to
bring you before our president, in arrest, and
accompanied by this gendarme. You will

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