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The Household Narrative

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Author Charles Dickens
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Printed : 13/4/1850
Journal : Household Words
Volume : Volume I
Magazine : No. 3
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This announcement was written solely by Dickens.
The Household Narrative of Current Events was published each month through 1855, at which time, owing to government taxing policies, it was discontinued. The scope and format of the Household Narrative are described in [this article].
The first number of the Household Narrative was not published in conjunction with the first number of Household Words because Dickens did not feel the plan of the Household Narrative was sufficiently matured. On 12 March 1850, a few weeks before the first issue of Household Words appeared, Dickens wrote to Wills: 'Supposing you had a place for the Household Narrative, and we could come distinctly to the understanding of it, I should incline to Forster's opinion. But I apprehended, last Saturday, that neither was your plan sufficiently matured, nor were the materials for its execution sufficiently considered (as to assistance and so forth) to admit of our beginning now, otherwise than short-sightedly - say with a blindness of one eye.'

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