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Miss [?] Earle

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Earle, Miss. Not identified. In the Office Book, "The Orphan's Voyage Home" [Mr. Horne & Miss Earle I, 253. June 8, 1850] is accompanied by a memorandum that makes it clear that Horne was merely the reviser of the item despite the fact that his name stands first. The authorship ascription for "The Power of Mercy" [I, 323-25. June 29, 1850] is [Earle preceded by an indecipherable word, overwritten by a capital letter: perhaps a "H"? & W.H.W.]. It is reasonable to assume the two items, published in the same month, to be by one contributor. Payment for each was made by post-office order, the order for the prose item being on Croydon. Directories afford no help in identifying the contributor. She may be Miss Erle.

      Harper's reprinted the writer's two contributions, with acknowledgment to H.W.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971

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