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William Taylor Haly

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Parliamentary reporter, politician. Published Report of the Proceedings at the Bread Street Ward Scrutiny, 1843, to make available to Londoners information affecting their franchise; and The Opinions of Sir Robert Peel, Expressed in Parliament and in Public, 1843, a compilation found valuable by many M.P.s. In 1857 and in 1859 unsuccessfully contested the Parliamentary election in Poole. In Poole Election, 1865, a pamphlet published by the committee for promoting the return to Parliament of H. D. Seymour and Charles Waring, was accused of having traduced the character of the two candidates.

Haly was a member of the reporting staff engaged for the Daily News on the establishment of that journal (McCarthy and Robinson, The "Daily News" Jubilee, p. 9, citing Thomas Britton). He was probably acquainted with Dickens.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1973.

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