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William Weir

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Published : 4 Articles
Pen Names : None
Date of Birth : 9/2/1802
Death : 15/9/1858
Views : 5713

Journalist. Born in Ayrshire. Attended Ayr Academy; studied at University of Gottingen, Called to Scottish bar, 1827. First editor of Glasgow Argus. Removed to London; contributed to Spectator and to various of Charles Knight's compilations. Engaged by Dickens on staff of Daily News; served as the paper's "chief authority on railway and commercial affairs" (Bourne, English Newspapers, II, 224-225); in 1854 succeeded Frederick Knight Hunt as editor; held editorship to time of his death. Had extensive and thorough knowledge of literature.

The subjects dealt with in the items that the Office Book assigns to "Mr. Weir" and "Weir"—commerce, transportation, literature, law−accord with the interests of William Weir.

The first "Short Cuts across the Globe" was reprinted in Harper's, with acknowledgment to H.W. Both the first and second were included in the Putnam volume of selections from H.W.: The World Here and There, 1852.

Author: Anne Lohrli; © University of Toronto Press, 1971.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

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